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How We Operate

In our representative role, the Titan Group is not just a middleman. We believe in the concept of TOTAL INVOLVEMENT, TOTAL ASSURED NETWORKING -- from the financing and warehousing of imports to the marketing, distribution and after-sales services to wholesalers, retailers and major end-users.


We possess a wealth of experience and local market expertise, combined with Western style management skills and an international outlook -- strengths that Titan is able to offer our principals to harness a win-win relationship.

The multinational make-up of Titan's operating network ensures that not only will principals be assured of valuable access to new markets and opportunities, but they will also benefit from our international contacts.

Our Commitments

The rapid growth of the Titan reflects strong client and customer satisfaction with our formula of quality, convenience, availability, efficient and reliable service.

Titan will continue to emphasize the principles of quality in terms of products represented and services rendered as well as maintaining mutually beneficial long term relationship with present and future principals and customers.

We are also forward-looking in that we continually seek to further strengthen and maximize sales potential within our existing representations, as well as to penetrate new markets by acquiring new representations in other product groups.

With our business expertise and local knowledge of the multi-ethnic environment of the Asia-Pacific, we can assist our principals to succeed in this dynamic, fast growing and extremely competitive region.

Our Customers

Apart from the general public who make up a large portion of our direct end-users, Titan has over the years built up an impressive customer list that ranges from major oil companies to petrol stations, department stores, supermarkets, emporiums, property developers, project consultants, contractors, electrical and hardware dealers, pharmacies, hospitals, hotels and government bodies.